Data dictionary problem

I’m trying to get a datadictionary setup in PanX without much luck.

I want to have the dictionary in a Field called FieldA. After creatiing a new database, I immediately change the field type to binary and then change the field name to “FieldA”. in the Funciton section I entered:

initializedictionary(“Address”,“3987 Olive”,“City”,“Tustin”,“State”,“CA”,“Zip”,“92841”)

After that I use the Field-Morph-Recalculate Field.

I can see binary data in the data sheet so I assume that it is setup properly.

If I make a procedure that has one line in it of:

message (getdictionaryvalue(“FieldA”,“Address”))

When I run it it says that: "getdictionaryvalue( dictionary parameter must be a valid dictionary

What have I done wrong with this?

You need one more parameter in the getdicitionaryvalue( function.

The field name should not be quoted. The correct code is:

message getdictionaryvalue(FieldA,"Address")

The way you wrote the formula, you were giving it the actual text FieldA as the dictionary value (in other words, the letters F i e l d A), when what you wanted was for the contents of the field to be passed.