Data button choices

In Pano 6 I used to have buttons with 5-6 choices which came up often and there was the possibility to include a choice button which allowed typing in the occasional rare choice which came up.
In the translation to Pano X all these buttons were converted and do appear in the Pano X version of the database. All the fixed choice buttons work but the button for those occasional rare choices just shows a line which is not the base line for typing in, but a graphic object. It appears as such in the respective cell and does not allow any data input. Is there no such option in Pano X?

There currently is no such option.

Time for an experimental hack! I started with a field named “Payment Method” with the Choices panel in the Properties pane set to {Cash Check Discover Visa MC …………} where the “…………” is 4 ellipsis (option-semicolon).

I then set the Code panel of the Properties panel to:

if «Payment Method»="…………"
    «Payment Method»=chr(1)
    local x x=""
    find «Payment Method»=chr(1)
    field «Payment Method»
    gettext "Enter payment method…",x
    «Payment Method»=x

So basically the code traps any choice of the “other” option ("…………") then sets the field temporarily to chr(1). It then defines a local variable and sets it to “” and then navigates back to the original record and cell in case the choices box was closed by clicking on another record or field. A gettext dialog is opened to get the alternate payment method and the Payment Method field is updated with this value. This overrides the normal choices entry and does not change the existing available choices list. If the Stop button is clicked in the gettext box the value is set to “”. Here it is in action…


Hi Gary, that’s exactly what I was missing in Pano X. I do hope, this will eventually become a regular feature in a next version of Pano X. Thanks for showing, it’s possible