Custom Functions List & Documentation

Two questions about custom functions:

  1. Is there a way to list all defined/registered custom functions? (The “custom function” equivalent of: info("CustomStatements"))

  2. Is there a way to add help/documentation for custom functions that can be viewed in the Panorama Help window?


– Mark

Sorry, there is no function to list all custom functions. I have noted this in Bitbucket as a request. I’m curious, why would you want this?

Also, there is no way for you to modify Panorama Help, whether for custom functions or for anything else. This is not likely to change.

I just needed a way to verify that the custom functions were properly registered.
Having a way to show some docs for myself reminding me how the function and arguments work, would be nice. Hence the request to be able to add the docs for custom functions to the help. :slight_smile:

Also, didn’t custom statements show up in Pano 6’s “Programmer’s Reference” after they were loaded? (Maybe not … can’t remember. :wink:)


(Looks like I need my own “help database” for my functions. :wink:)

No they did not.

I understood that part. I would suggest putting documentation in a comment in the procedure itself, it’s very easy to bring that up with Shift-Command-O.

I just needed a way to verify that the custom functions were properly registered.

An info(“customfunctions”) function looks easy so I’ll probably do it. But I still don’t understand the need, why would there be any question about whether they were properly registered?

Sweet! Thanks, Jim! :slight_smile:

Would there be any possibility of using your help system as a template for a custom help system? Or even a simplified version? It would be immensely useful to document our own custom Panorama app for our users.

Right click on the PanoramaX application and choose “Show Package Contents”. Navigate to the Contents/Resources/Wizards folder and make a copy of the Panorama Help.pandb file at a new location and name it as you will.

You can open that file and use it as a template to make your own material but it will not be easy. All the references for the help page are linked to the Reference folder in the PanoramaX Resource folder and you would have to figure out where you want to link your resources and what all might have to be changed to get things to work properly. Even if you simplify your version it will still take some doing and would probably be easier to make your own version from scratch.

Have fun…

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Thanks! That is an extremely cool piece of work. You are probably right that it might be easier to start from scratch but certainly helps me understand a good way to go about it.

I keep my custom functions in a separate database, so I can refer to them quickly if I need to update them. I have not put the documentation in that database (mostly because I know what they do), but I could add a field for it.