Custom function support

My workflow heavily depends on a custom function I added in Panorama 6.

What is the schedule for custom function support?

Is there an alternative way to add a custom function?

Thanks for the feedback, I rely on this sort of feedback in prioritizing development.

Panorama X uses custom functions very heavily internally. However, so far this feature is not exposed so that you can add your own custom functions. This will definitely happen, but I don’t have a schedule for that. There is no alternative method to get around this in the meantime.

Can we nominate some of our custom functions that might be useful to others for inclusion? This is one that I have:

uwaddress(addr) replacemultiple(upperword(addr),"0Th,1St,1Th,2Nd,2Th,3Rd,3Th,4Th,5Th,6Th,7Th,8Th,9Th,Po ",β€œ0th,1st,1th,2nd,2th,3rd,3th,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,PO β€œ,”,”)
replacemultiple(upperword(β€’1),"0Th,1St,1Th,2Nd,2Th,3Rd,3Th,4Th,5Th,6Th,7Th,8Th,9Th,Po ",β€œ0th,1st,1th,2nd,2th,3rd,3th,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,PO β€œ,”,”)
β€œPO BOX 111TH” PO Box 111th

What it does is take the USPS capitalized street addresses and converts them to more humanly readable form, by changing all caps to initial caps where it makes sense. (uw is for upper word.) The inverse function is just upper(addr)


Contact me personally at and I’ll explain how to do this - it’s very simple. Jim set out how to do it some months back.


Whoops! Sorry - I was talking about custom statements, not functions.


An update FYI – the next version of Panorama X will include support for user defined custom functions and custom statements.

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Excellent news!


Great Jim! Much appreciated.