Custom Form Window with Short Header

Is it possible, or reasonable, for me to design a form window which has a header that is much lower in height than the standard Panorama X window header? I would like a window which consumes minimum area on my laptop and, for most of my purposes, the header area is largely unused.

Do you mean the toolbar? You can use smaller icons or get rid of it completely, and you can also customize the arrangement of the tools. This all works in the standard way for any Mac app that uses a standard Mac toolbar (Keynote, Pages, etc.), but the Panorama help does have a documentation page on the topic.

Note that you cannot customize the toolbar on a per window basis. Any changes you make will apply to all windows of that type. It would be great if individual windows could be customized individually but Apple’s code doesn’t allow that. You can, however, completely eliminate the toolbar on a window by window basis.

Have a look in the Window menu: You can toggle the visibility of the toolbar with the key combination cmd-opt-T.

Thanks you guys. Great to know. For some reason I don’t think of it as a toolbar, which of course it is.