Create Form Steps

How does one create a form in Pan X (to include viewing one previously created in Pan 6 data base)? I have been able to navigate through several Pan X data base tools – similar to those I use in Pan 6 – but I have no idea how to move from a Pan X data sheet to a Pan X form (e.g., create a new form, view a Pan 6 created form, or edit a form). I have looked at the drop-down menus + toolbar icons, but must be missing something. I appreciate any help someone can give me. My skill level is basic.

@coopergv I think a major part of your confusion stems from the fact that you have not yet set up a Panorama X account. The early access version requires that you set up an account before it is fully functional.

Once you have done that you can create a new form by choosing New Form from the View menu, very similar to how it was done in Panorama 6. To open an existing form simply choose it from the View menu. However, the View menu won’t appear until you set up an account.

I would also recommend that you check out the Panorama X videos.

Creating a new form works the same way as in Panorama 6: Menu View > New Form. Then you find all available kinds of objects in the property pane.
The other way is to migrate your Panorama 6 database to Panorama X (following the instructions in the Panorama X Help). But then some of your existing form elements may need to be redone in Panorama X, because not all Pan 6 form elements behave the same way in Pan X.

Thanks. I’’ll set up an account.