Crash on opening database

I imported my first database from Pan 6 to Pan X. I was tweaking new Pan X procedures, and I encountered a crash. Now whenever I attempt to open the database, Panorama crashes. I tried Opening the Datasheet only, thinking bypassing my .Initialize procedure might solve the problem. I get and error message: Database “.pandb” does not exist. I can see the subject file in the Finder, and it does have a name. Has anybody had a similar experience?

I imported the same Pan 6 database and saved the Pan X database under a new name. I noticed a strange behavior, which might give a hint as to what is wrong. In the PanX data sheet, the UpRecord and DownRecord control buttons cause the active record to jump two records up or down, whereas using the Up and Down Arrow keys cause the active record to move up or down a single record.

If you have some other Panorama 6 databases, try them. If it turns out that this is the only one that doesn’t work, send the .pan file to me (zip it first) and and I’ll investigate. If none of them work then we’ll cross that bridge, there might be something wrong with your Panorama X install.

Thank you, Jim. It appears to be the only file with problems so far. I am going to struggle with it for a while longer before I have you dig into it. The file is ancient in origin and has some old code including things like StyleColor to color the data sheet triggered from form related procedures.

James Wadsworth