CPU & Disk choice for optimum speed

I’m getting started on reworking my Pan 6 project into Pan X format to modernize after 23 years of successful use. I will be purchasing a new iMac at some point soon for the office. Its main use is running the Pan DB’s. In order to optimize speed, I’m wondering what processor is best. Jim already commented elsewhere that SSD’s are the best choice for storage.

The databases are primarily screens with many graphic elements displaying bits of info looked up from various lookup DB’s. We flip back and forth from the calendar to the accounts to the patient info screens in their respective DB’s frequently. Also moving back and forth in the calendar.

  • The calendar uses multiple matrices displaying arrays of text data.
  • Some selecting from a large transaction database to display a patient’s account on a view as list form.
  • Exporting chunks of records to a temporary database for faster manipulation. Then:
  • Assembling a new record from multiple parts and posting to the transaction database.
  • There is no heavy computation or transformation of the datasets.

Is Panorama multi-threaded now? Would a multicore processor (i7, i9, or Xeon) make a difference or would a basic i3 or i5 with faster clock speed be a better choice? Would an upgrade to the graphics card, if available, help display screen changes faster?

Thanks in advance for any insight here,


Mostly not. In some cases searching happens on a background thread, but that doesn’t make it faster, it just allows Panorama to continue to respond to keyboard activity while the search is happening.

Not really.

Perhaps slightly, but it’s probably not going to be a huge difference.

I don’t think so. That’s more of an issue for apps like games that are doing tons of rendering and drawing.

Thanks for the update, Jim.