Counting non empty cells in a text display object

This should be easy, but I can’t seem to get it.

I have a database, and one of the fields contains dates. I have a form. On the form, is a text display object. I want the text display object to show me the total number of records that do not have an empty date field. Either a formula or a procedure within the definition of the text display object should give me what I want, but all I get are syntax errors or a blank result.


On quick test this appears to work:

aggregate({«MyDateField»}, "count", {«MyDateField»>0}, "", true())
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Replacing {«MyDateField»>0} with either
{not emptycell(MyDateField»)}, or {not(emptycell(MyDateField»))}
should work and could be generalized to count records with non-date fields that aren’t empty. Emptycell( is the, new to Panorama X, function provided to specifically check for empty data cells.