COUNT Summaries?

Is it possible to COUNT summary records?

I am getting zeros when I run COUNT on a summary field with the outline level set to that summary level. This is similar to @KJM’s post from a year ago (“COUNT in Summaries”), except I am trying to count the summary records, not the raw data records represented by the summary.

Here’s a snapshot of the field with summary records:

And same segment after running COUNT:

Sorry, no, you cannot use Count (or Total or any similar command) on summary records, only data records. You can convert summary records into data records with the removedetail statement, but be careful – that removes the data records!

If you just want to know how many summary records there are, you can use the dbinfo( function with the “summarylevels” option.

Hi Jim,
That’s what I recalled, and I think I’ve done so in the past - made a copy of a db where I needed to tally summaries, and then discarded the copy after I got what I needed. But it had been a while and I was hopeful my memory was off and there was a way to Count summaries.
Either way, no apologies necessary. Thank you for clarifying.
Happy New Year!