Corrupt data on Panorama "Classic" Enterprise

Spent several hours replacing and repairing files on Panorama 6 Enterprise. Hope that Panorama X will not have the occasional data corruption that is experienced on Panorama 6. I am not sure what happened. It is possible that one of my users did a Force Quit on Panorama. In any event the corrupt files, and there were many, were propagated to several users. The only way I know how to repair the damage is to remove the files from the server. Sometimes it is impossible to remove a corrupted file with the Pan 6 tools such as Server Administration. When that happens I am forced to manually delete files from the Public Databases folder on the Enterprise server. Then the replacement files must be uploaded to the server, and each user must use the Download Shared Database tool to get the new files installed on each client. We are hoping the Jim and his team will be able to come up with a way to keep the data from being corrupted and to restore files more easily across the server network. Thanks in advance for your efforts.