Copying forms from dB to db

How do I Copy form From one dB to another?

Thanks Bill

Put the form you want to copy into graphics mode, and click “Blueprint” on the tool bar.

Select “Entire form” from the menu.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 4.01.54 PM

Then highlight and copy all the text in the window that appears.

In the new database, create a new form, and then open its blueprint the same way. Replace the text in that window with the text you copied, and click the Update Form button.

I forgot about the simplest way . Open the View organizer in both databases. Click the Forms buttons in both windows. Drag the form you want to copy from one window to the other.

You can also go to the “View Organizer” under the “View” menu and right click on the form you want to duplicate. You will get a pop up menu. One of the options is “Duplicate”. This will make a duplicate of the current form.

Sorry, I missed that you want to copy from one database to another. What I posted was for copying a form within the same database.

Thanks, Jeff! I’ll try that next time.