Copy Topic URL does not copy

I have noticed that as of late the Copy Topic URL command from the Topic menu in the Help File does not copy anything to the clipboard. The nsnotify notice pops up with the correct URL entered as being copied to the clipboard but noting is ever copied. If I press the Show button in the notice nothing happens at all. I have to choose Open Topic in Browser and then copy the URL from there.

I recall problems with this in the past but thought they were resolved.

I cannot duplicate this problem, this menu item works fine for me, both selecting this from the menu bar and right clicking on box in the upper menu and choosing from the menu, as describe in Transferring Help Information to your Project on this page (which of course I copied with the Copy Topic URL command).

As I’m sure you’ve noticed I use this copy topic feature ALL the time in answering questions on this forum, and answering emails as well. I’m sure there is something going on to prevent it from working for you but I have no idea what it is.

By the way, the problem that was fixed was that if you clicked on a link in the help page to jump to a new page, the Copy Topic URL command would put the link for the previous page on the clipboard, not the new page. But that problem was fixed in 10.2 (I just double checked, though again I am using this feature al the time myself). So Gary, if you can figure out anything else that might be different about your situation, I’m all ears.

I confirm exactly what Gary described. I get a notification with the chosen URL, but the clipboard remains empty. (macOS 10.14.3)

Thanks for the confirmation Kurt. I’m still on High Sierra 10.13.6.

Well, Jim, on the current version of Panorama X the Help file has the following code in the InitializeMenus procedure for the Copy Topic URL item:

menuitem("Copy Topic URL","CODE",{
            let helpurl = ""+call("","GetActiveURL")
            nsnotify "Copied to clipboard","text",helpurl,"stealth","false"

And the GetActiveURL called procedure only contains:

local scriptResult
objectaction "Help Browser","script",{document.URL;},scriptResult
functionvalue urlfilename(scriptResult)

As you can see there is no code to actually copy the URL to the clipboard. If I add “clipboard=helpurl” after the “let helpurl=…” line in the menuitem code things work properly after a Panorama X restart. The nsnotify button for “Show” does nothing but I see no way to remove it from the notice itself or how to otherwise do something meaningful if clicked.

So, I don’t know how or when the code to copy the URL to the clipboard was removed but it certainly is missing in my Help file version.

I thought I had made sure to check this in the 10.1 release version of Panorama before posting, but apparently I didn’t do that carefully enough. You are right, there is a line of code missing. It had already been added to my development version of Panorama X – ok, I just checked my detailed internal change notes, and this literally was the very first change made AFTER 10.1 was released, in fact it was changed only 2 hours after 10.1.2 was released. Good thing I keep detailed change notes using Git!


So sorry about this late change – for now it only works for me!! You’ll have to wait for 10.2, or patch it yourself like Gary has done, or use the alternate method to copy the URL I mentioned in my earlier post. That DOES work in the 10.1.2 release, and is my favorite way to do it (personally I rarely use the main menu for this, which is probably why I didn’t notice the problem earlier).

I’m really really glad this didn’t turn out to be a weird Mojave thing :slight_smile: