Copy set of procedures between databases

If I asked this before, I’ve forgotten: is there a way to copy all or some procedures between database files? I have a standard set of “utilities” I use alot.

I usually accomplish this by cloning a database and then importing and modifying things, but that didn’t work for me today because my frequently cloned convention registration DB has about 65 fields in it, and I only wanted about 8 fields. So I exported the basic data and created a new DB, with the result of course being no procedures.

I thought of cloning and then deleting 50 fields or so, but that didn’t appeal to me.

From the View menu open two View Organizer… windows. Set these to the two databases and with the Procedures tab selected. You can then drag each procedure over from one database to the other. You will have to drag each procedure individually since I don’t believe there is any way to grab them all at one time.

Cool. That will work. Thanks, Gary!