Converting Panorama 6 files to Panorama X

I just bought into the new versions of Panorama X and now need to get to work. How do I convert my Panorama 6 files to Panorama X files? When I launch the Pano X I get only greyed file names? Can any one help me please

It is well documented:

Most likely, your database file name does not end with .pan. This is ok with Panorama 6, but Panorama X does not work with files that don’t have an extension. Just go into the Finder and rename each database file, for example Checkbook would have to be renamed Checkbook.pan. You may also want to go into Finder preferences and enable “Show all filename extensions” if you haven’t already done that.

Unlike previous upgrades, you probably can’t just jump in and start using Panorama X without some study. There are too many significant changes. There is a help page called “Importing a Panorama 6 Database”, which would have immediately answered your question. You can also view this page on the web.

We’ve also prepared over an hour of video to help with the transition. You can find these in the Help menu, on the web page, or using these links:

Converting from Panorama 6 -
Panorama 6 to X: Basics -
Panorama 6 to X: Form Design -
Panorama 6 ro X: Programming -

Watching these videos will go a long way toward making a smooth transition from Panorama 6 to X.