Converting from Pan 6 Direct to Pan X

I am trying to covert a Panorama 6 Direct file to pan X. I have added the .pan file extension to this Pan Direct 6 file (Hindsight InView files). When I try to open it in Pan X, I receive this error message:
File “Expense Log.pan” cannot be opened because it is not in Author mode. (Use Panorama 6 to switch to Author mode.)"
I have no idea what Author mode is or how to access or use it.
Can anyone provide help on completing the conversion from Pan 6 Direct to Pan X?

Many thanks,
John Whitman

While in Panorama 6, if the file is not password protected you would simply choose About Panorama from the Panorama menu while holding down the Command or Option key. The dialog that pops up will allow you to change the User Level unless it is password protected. I’m guessing, however, that it probably is password protected since it is a Hindsight InView file and only the actual author will be able to change the level. That would be totally up to James Cook since it is his proprietary work.