ConstructListMatrix Multiple Rows

One of the options for a TextList is the ability to select multiple rows.

Using the Blueprint, I found this: “$TextListAllowMultipleRowSelection”,"1”,

How do I translate that to know what the tag should be while using the Construct Tool?

The Construct Tool is designed to automate common tasks and to get you started, not as a comprehensive tool for every possibility. There are plenty of advanced settings that are not available in this tool. The idea is that you get started with the Construct tool, then add more advanced options manually.

There are a handful of Panorama options that are only available by editing a blueprint (like the max # of items in a text list mentioned in another thread tonight). Enabling multiple row selections of a Text List is not one of them – there is a checkbox for this in the inspector panel. All you have to do is check the box.

On the other hand, there aren’t any options that can’t be edited with a blueprint. The blueprint represents the exact internal state of a Panorama structure. The way Panorama X is written, It’s impossible to add a feature that doesn’t show up in a blueprint.

Dang. I was sure there was a AllowMultipleRows:1 kind of thing and I tried most every combo that I could imagine to find that undocumented tag. I love that I can use the Construct over and over in the design mode to get it just right. Then too, there are a tremendous number of items in that Blueprint. Understood and appreciated.

I definitely like to get as far as I can with just the Construct dialog before I start hand tweaking, for just that reason.


Of course, if you wanted to get really ambitious, you could write your own constructor! The constructors are written in plain old Panorama code, they don’t use any secret features that aren’t available to you.

I don’t think there are any undocumented constructor tags, definitely not on purpose. But rather than randomly poking around, you should just look at the source code for the constructformdataeditors statement.

As I mentioned, it’s impossible to add a feature without making it part of the blueprint. That’s not the case for the constructors – every tag has to be explicitly coded. So I don’t think I coded anything extra that I didn’t document.

In general there are very very very few aspects of Panorama that aren’t documented. I try to document as I go, and usually don’t even commit new code to the repo until the documentation is done. Sometimes while writing the documentation I’ll realize a feature is incomplete or two difficult to explain so I’ll revise the code. So the documentation is really an integral part of the process. Also, Panorama itself contains over 40,000 lines of code written in Panorama, so I’m constantly referring to the documentation myself. No, I don’t have the syntax of all 2,000 statements and functions memorized!