Construct menu sometimes doesn't recognise <search>

I’ve used the Construct menu lots of times to populate a Text List Object and I’ve found the simplest way to include a search facility is to stick in as the first line. But every now and again, I get this error message:


I normally hit the Return key after inserting the new line but maybe I’ve hit Enter instead. Would that cause the error?

What I do now, to be safe, is duplicate the first line and change its content to <search>. That always works.

I wouldn’t think so. Did you type in the search tag? That error message seems very weird, unless somehow an invisible character got in there. That’s hard to do, though not impossible.

FYI, you can use the tag pop-up menu to type in the tag for you. That should guarantee that it works.

Yes. And it’s pretty hard to get it wrong :slight_smile:

Smart thinking. My fading brain has difficulty remembering all these stat/funcs.