Connection to Server

I have a WiFi icon in my Selected Records/Total Records box.
I have a procedure that contains

If Info("ServerConnection") = 0
Message "This db is NOT connected to the server!"
Message "This db is connected to a server."

That procedure returns “The db is connected to a server.”
If I try to add a record, I get an error message stating “ERROR: Couldn not connect to server name Automation 21”
I check the server and yep, the server has stopped again.

Is there a better way to become aware that the server has quit?

Server Monitor in the Database Exchange can be modified to send you an email or text message if the server goes down - and as-is can relaunch it.

I did try Server Monitor and could not get it to reliably relaunch the server.

Maybe you could share your OS and Panorama build number with me, or any other info. So far it’s been very reliable for me on every OS or PanX update. I’m aware of others successfully using it too, so there may be something different about your configuration.

Just now I found my Panorama X Server stopped. ServerMonitor was idle in the background with the following error:

Field or Variable [fgResponse] does not exist.

macOS 11.4
Pano: 10.2.0 b16

fgResponse is defined as a FileGlobal in the .Initialize procedure and the file opens nothing else. So the error is curious.

Any chance that you’ve modified the .Initialize procedure?

Jim, When I was using ServerMonitor, I got the “Field or Variable [fgResponse] does not exist” error often.

I have not modified the .Initialize procedure.

I’m baffled by that but have made a few enhancements to it today as I ran it while trying to see the error. So far no luck there whether it’s the active file or not.