Compatability with

Is it possible to have multiple values/entries under a single field?

I’d like my DB to be compatible with which uses to pipes to separate | multiple | values under one field.

I can see from previous discussions that there as an option for separation characters under choices but I can’t see the option on Pan X, and I’d need to be able to enter free text rather than be constrained to choices.

Apologies if a stupid question or already answered. Very much new to this.

What you are describing is what Panorama calls an array. If you look in the help, you will see a number of commands and functions with the word array in their names, which can be used to manipulate data that is organized this way.

The ‘separators’ used in text arrays can be more than one character in length, so you could supply “|” to have just a pipe as your separator, or " | " to have ‘space pipe space’ as your separator, etc.

Many thanks for the swift responses!