Comments to a txt file with filesave?

Can Panorama X Add information to the “comments” section of a file? If you do a get info on a file you will see the comments area. Is that doable?

These comments are maintained by the Finder, not by the operating system itself. As far as I can tell, Apple has not provided a public API to access or modify these comments.

I just did a google search on this, and found this Stack Overflow question on this topic. Apparently it can be done with AppleScript. I’m not going to add a solution like this to Panorama itself, but since you can use AppleScript from within Panorama you could figure out how to do it.

Thank you Jim,

I was looking at AppleScript yesterday, I tried to see Panorama X library but it was not available, is Panorama X Scriptable wit AppleScript?

Panorama X itself is not scriptable, but it does have the AppleScript and ExecuteAppleScript statements, so you can use those to script the Finder. It will be the Finder that puts those comments in.