Code Example of How to Attach a Photo to a Record

Make that


I thought that dbfolder() would end after the folder name, and I would have to add the slash.

Thanks! That did the trick!

You actually answered two questions for me: I was also considering using personal names in the filename of the dragged photo (a portrait). Now, I can strip it down to the actually name of the file (the personal name).

Indeed, Panorama X Help seems to document that dbfolder() does not return the ending “/” but apparently it does return a “/” at the end.

dbfolder() ☞ /Users/tomswift/Documents/Accounting

Maybe the above example is a case where there are no sub folders in the databases’s folder.

No. It’s simply an error in the documentation. I submitted a correction.

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Hello KJM!

I’m still in my trial phase for Panorama X. Would I be able to display videos that I saved in a subfolder in my database using this method? I’m trying to create a list of videos (eg how to cook certain dishes, etc) and for my database. Or is there a specific way that I can get Panorama to go to a certain URL (eg BETTER THAN TAKEOUT – Sesame Chicken Recipe - YouTube)???

Andrew Ing

For this, you can use a Web Browser Object.

If the formula returns a URL, it will display the web page. If it returns a path to a video on your hard drive it will play the video.

Thank you very much!!!

Also try the openurl statement to simply open a specific web page on the net.