.Closewindow and other issues

I s .closewindow DOA?

In Pan 6, I could put a transparent button over a data tile in a view-as-list form. Clicking on a record would trigger the procedure assigned to that button. In Pan X, I have to click all over the list form until it eventually triggers the procedure. Most of the time my clicks are ignored. Is this no longer a viable option?

I created a form with multiple tiles for printing. All pages print perfectly on my printer but not on the printer for whom the form was made. The text on additional pages is cutoff after a line or two. By cutoff, I mean it doesn’t print. I had them verify page setup. But no luck. It’s a Kyocera printer. I asked them to update their driver but beyond that I’m stumped. Suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Yes. This feature is not possible in an AppKit application.

Buttons don’t work in a view-as-list form. I would recommend switching to a matrix.

I’m stumped as well. Sounds like a problem with the printer or the driver. What happens if they print to a PDF file?

The printer issue is probably due to Page Setup. Make sure that it is set to All Printers, not your printer.

Printing to a .pdf file also cuts off the text. Again, printing to .pdf works fine on my system.

Ok, my client updated their print drivers and the extra pages still won’t print. Again the text on data tiles 2-7 are being cut off after a line or two. I have set their Page Setup to any printer and their printer. I don’t know how to fix what isn’t broken because I can print the pages perfectly. Making separate forms for each page may work, but that requires counting the lines of text to determine what forms to open and it would take forever to print as they print a dozen invoices at a time and receive orders constantly. I’m already doing this for the text on the first data tile as the overflow tile is no longer available.They have been printing with this same form in Panorama 6 for years with the same printer.

I don’t know how to fix what isn’t broken either. Obviously there must be something different about their system vs. yours, but I have no idea what that might be.

There may be different versions of the fonts on the different systems, leading to different spacing. That could be an internal font in a laser printer versus a system font.

That’s a good idea but we fixed font issues about a year ago. It’s worth another look. Thanks.