Closed Form reopens at launch, unless DB saved

This is a minor issue, but here goes. I open my Pan databases with the Data Sheet and the initialize procedure with an OpenForm “Data Entry” statement. The Data Entry form has additional buttons (RSO & LSO’s grouped with a TDO stating the buttons function - and of course a procedure as part of the TDO). When clicked it opens a different form window on top of the data entry form. Closing the newly opened form (a button with “CloseWindow” statement) and quitting the database without saving – then relaunching the program results in the data sheet opening first, then the form window that I closed, then the data entry form - from the initialize procedure. But, if I SAVE the database after closing that additional form window, it does not open when I re-launch the database. I could put a Save after the CloseWindow, but we may not always want to save when closing that window. I have many buttons like this on many forms in multiple databases.

PS I should point out that this happens if there is a TEO on the second opened form, it doesn’t happen if there is a TDO on the form.

This is normal behavior. Panorama X does auto-saving, if it auto-saves when a window is open, it will save the database with that window open.

If you just close the form window and then close the database, no auto-save happens during the period that only the data sheet is open, so Panorama will remember that both windows are open.

I’ve thought about providing an option to explicitly list what windows should open when the database opens. If this was used, it wouldn’t matter what windows were open when the database was saved, it would always open the same way. This would be a nice feature – but I think it would also be a support nightmare, because people would forget that they had used it and then complain that their windows were not opening correctly. So that’s why I haven’t added this feature (so far).

OK… I’ll add save after the closewindow where needed then. Thanks