Clearing undo/revert stacks

Panorama X’s Undo and Revert To… options are normally much desired. But when creating a database for others, preventing them from Undoing or Reverting to an earlier than release version can be desirable, while letting them Undo or Revert their changes just to your release version. I can’t find how to do that, but presume it’s possible. Perhaps through an undocumented feature of Duplicate or Save As…

When the document is saved, the Undo stack is cleared. Since you have to save to give the file to someone else, it’s impossible for anyone else to Undo any of your actions.

The Revert feature uses Apple’s standard document version system (actually Undo is also a standard Apple implementation). The previous versions are not kept in the document itself, but in an undisclosed location elsewhere in the system. So when a file is transferred to another computer, the previous versions don’t go along for the ride. So again, it’s impossible for someone else to revert to a previous version on your system.

So, the good news is, everything already works exactly the way you want it to!

Almost everything I know about the document version system I learned not from Apple, but from a very interesting blog written by a gentleman named Howard Oakley, who lives on the Isle of Man. Here’s a link to his blog entries on the topic of document versions (his writing on other Mac related topics is also quite interesting).