City & State from Zip

I’m used to entering just a ZIP code and having the program insert Cty and state into the proper fields. How do I access the ZipCode database for auto completion?

You use the city(

and state(

functions, in a procedure or formula.

For Panorama 6, you need to have the optional Zip code dictionary.

The Zip code dictionary stopped working about a year ago. I up graded to 10, so now I have to learn how to use city( and state(



No, it didn’t. Perhaps it somehow got uninstalled on your computer – did you upgrade your computer or switch computers or something like that? There is no reason that zip code’s should have stopped working.

They work exactly the same as they did in Panorama 6.

Going back to your original post – no version of Panorama has ever inserted the city and state automatically without customizing the database. You have to set up formulas in your City and State fields for that to happen. This is no different in Panorama X than it was for Panorama 6.

You mention in a later post that zip code lookup stopped working a year ago – perhaps you made some change to your database that broke these formulas.

Are you thinking of zipinfoplus? That occasionally stops working when USPS changes its website, but we fix it when that happens. I have to do that fairly often for stock market quotes.

The zip code dictionary still works perfectly in Pan 6.