ChatGPT and Panorama

Amazingly, I was able to get ChatGPT to expound upon some simple panorama coding questions today…

Allrighty then :exploding_head:

The first example “looks” ok, I don’t know if it will actually do what you are asking. If nothing else, I would think you would want to pad with zeros rather than blanks.

But isn’t the tcadd( function (which you wrote) what you are really looking for?

The second is just plain wrong, there are no such functions. I think the AI was looking for monthvalue(, dayvalue( and yearvalue(, but that still wouldn’t produce the correct number of digits. Of course the real answer is datepattern(.

I have spoken to programmers that claim that ChatGPT really helps them with their code, I am quite skeptical on that. These examples don’t inspire more confidence on my part. But it does show what everyone says about ChatGPT – it is supremely confident about delivering plausible looking but wrong answers!

The answer was way wrong on a few levels, i was just amazed that it was confident enough to take a stab at it :slight_smile:

Wait - are you taking about MircoSoft Tech Support?

I guess in fairness I should admit I don’t use MS products anymore. Maybe their Tech Support has gotten better.

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I had a boss like that once…