Changing Text and Field Color Erratic

Changing Text Color or Field Color is erratic.

This drove me crazy.

If I open a form and want to change the color of the Field or Text many times it will work for the first field and not for the second one.

If I close the file and reopen the problem persists. If I quit Pan X 10.2 and then open the form I can change one or two Field or Text colors and then I cannot.

I have downloaded a fresh copy of Pan X, gotten rid of the Plist, and still I have the problem.

I am using the “Crayon” or “Pen” Pallet.

Sometimes if I cannot change the color “often using white” and then select another color the color of the Text will change. But then it reoccurs.

Initially I thought it was from bringing a database from Pan 6 only but NO. If I boot up Panorama X and create a new database the problem comes back. It is somewhat erratic but it can be reproduced reliably.

Anybody else experiencing this?

Is it a Bug?



Hi George,

I’m not totally clear on what the problem is, but I have been frustrated by the color business as well. I use a lot of graphic displays with colored items - labels, buttons, text lists, etc. I have found the Rich Text function to be the best way to totally control the color of most items, especially when they change color depending on a formula. It took a while to figure it out, but it is very slick once mastered. Other than the most simple text label, I use it for pretty much anything that has a color component.

Here are a couple of examples of where I use Rich Text tags:

In a text display showing elements of a several arrays that make up the calendar. I think every item in the picture is controlled with Rich Text tags:

+¶+ ¬+“color:515CC2”+ Array(TimesA, 2, “;”)+ ¬+“color:00A726”+ Array(GVInv1, 2, “;”)+ ¬+“color:000000”+ Array(GVDay1, 2, “;”)[1, 20]+" "+“color:571DA0”+ Array(GVWaiting1, 2, “;”)

Here’s the control panel with the tag in front of the button name:
Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 10.48.18 AM

I stopped using Rich Text in text lists because then the text color does not change when a row is selected. Many colors of text will be hard to read when a row is selected because the text does not change to white, which it does if rich text is not enabled. I gather that is determined by Apple’s code, so Provue cannot do anything about it.
Another approach that can add some indication of data value is this: I have used emojis and symbols.
l was curious about Scott’s comment of the speed difference between Pan6 and PanX. One reason for this is the use of unicode in PanX, which has many benefits but can be slower to render. I set up a database to mimic the calendar shot that Scott showed. It has just two fields to start, a Date and one I called Appts, which contains the date, time, patient number and note about an appointment. The data for each day is stored in a dictionary; the key is a superdate with the date and time. Switching weeks with this structure, and no rich text in the text lists, is virtually instantaneous. I don’t have a lot of practice with dictionaries, so setting this up took me a while, but it is very fast, at least in the simplified form that I have used.
I am curious if others have strategies to suggest to speed up DB operations.