Changing background color of TextDisplayObject in a MatrixCell

In a calendar, which is a structured Matrix, I have 2 TextDisplayObjects in each Matrix cell. I can manually change the background color and opacity in the Appearance panel, and I can see where those values are in the Blueprint, but what I would like to do is change the color & Opacity based on a lookup( in the database that the calendar’s events are based on.

So every calendar day has 2 TextDisplayObjects. Each objects colors will vary depending on attributes of the events that are displayed in that object.

At this moment, I see that each object is ‘ChangeObject 10’ or 'ChangeObject11" in the matrix cell. But will that change and how do I interact that with the individual cells of the calendar.

How would this be done?

Anything that’s going to change from one cell to another, is going to have to be based on a formula, and object properties aren’t formula based. It takes a command to change them. I think the best you could do would be to put an image display object behind the text display object, and set its color with a formula. I don’t see any way to change opacity from cell to cell.

Bingo – that is the only way this can be done.