Changing/adding menu keys: possible?

Is it possible for the user (i.e. me) to change/add menu keys in Pan X? I know that the keys for certain menu items are specified by Apple and that’s that. I am wondering about keys for Panorama-specific actions like Up Record and Down Record (no keys; in Records menu) and Move Record Up/Down (keys that I use for other purposes; also in Records menu).

I know I can achieve this by setting up my own menu and duplicating the items (I’ve done it), but this is clunky and appears to require every menu key to be accompanied by the Command key. I have also tried the definehotkeys statement, but this doesn’t affect the menus. I have looked at the output of standardrecordsmenu() etc in Formula Workshop, but the code assigning keys to items doesn’t show up.

Any advice gratefully received.

Your examples are easy (and why should you want to make it more complicated?):

  • Record up or down = Arrow Up or Down
  • Move record up or down = Cmd-Arrow Up or Down

I do not know if you can override default key combinations (except with the method you mentioned).

For all menu items without key combinations you can set your own shortcuts using macOS System Preferences > Keyboard.

Ah, here is a possible way to do it in Pan X: You can write a procedure containing the commands you want to use and assign a command key in the Properties panel of that procedure.

Thanks. After a little experimenting I can add that shortcuts with System Preferences > Keyboard can also be used to override Panorama X shortcuts.

Useful for me, as in Keyboard Maestro I had set ⌘↑ and ⌘↓ (move record up or down in Panorama) to go to the top/bottom of a file in all apps, and this works in Panorama X too on my machine. So I wanted to replace them with ⇧⌘↑ and ⇧⌘↓, and found I could do it with System Preferences > Keyboard.

One caveat: there are a number of indented menu commands in Panorama X, e.g. ‘Duplicate Record’. System Preferences > Keyboard doesn’t recognise these, so one has to set a keyboard shortcut with a procedure, as you mentioned.