Changes not being saved nor asking if I want it saved

I just realized that Pan X when I quit does not ask me if I want to save changes. I have looked in the forum see some discussion on this.

I have in the System Preferences General Setting checked the Box “Ask to keep changes when closing documents”. It was checked by default I guess.

What is happening?

Pan X 10.2.0b24 3860

  1. You have already chosen the correct option in macOS System Preferences > General.
  2. The second condition: Panorama X must have done some changes or an undoable action to the database that makes the database display the “changed” mark in the red button of the window toolbar.
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(Read additionally about the startdatabasechange statement that can even make your procedures undoable.)

Thanks but I don’t see any red box. And I have in the System Preferences General Setting checked the Box “Ask to keep changes when closing documents”.

I have been on a Mac since 1984 and this is the first time I have had this problem. Ditto for Panorama. I was on Overlord before Panorama.

Pan X 10.2.0b24 3860. That is a recent update. And the most current.

I have replicated it again. I changed a value in a field and then quit. The change was not saved nor was I asked if I wanted to save the changes.

You seem to use the Full Screen Mode. Press ESC to leave Full Screen Mode, then you’ll see the window’s “traffic light” buttons red, yellow, and green.

This option is not enabled by default, you must have checked it at some point.

Here’s what the alert looks like when you quit when a database has been modified (or if you close the database, or the last window of the database). It doesn’t matter whether you are in full screen mode or not, this alert will appear.

If you have the setting checked and still this alert does come up, there is something wrong with your system. All of the code involved with saving the database and displaying that alert are Apple’s code, not ProVUE’s. Panorama is using the exact same code that all NSDocument based apps on your computer use, including Pages, Keynote, etc.

I wondered if I could duplicate your symptom by using Get Info to lock the file or putting it in a read only folder, creating a permission error. I was pleased to discover that Apple has taken care of this. As soon as I edited a data cell, an alert appeared telling me that modifications weren’t allowed. If the database itself was locked, the alert offered to unlock the file or make an unlocked duplicate. I chose the former option and when I went back to Get Info, the file was unlocked.

If I put the file in a read only folder, the alert only allowed the option of making an unlocked duplicate.

In any case, all of this is done by Apple’s code. That’s why the “Ask to keep changes” option is in System Preferences, not in a Panorama preference panel. So you’ll need to look for solutions on the Apple side of the fence.

In all of this discussion, I am assuming that you really are modifying a field in the database. If you are working with a form window, you would get the exact symptoms you are describing if the item you were editing on the form was a variable, not a database field. If you are using a form, I would start by checking the Text Editor object to verify that you really are editing a field, not a variable. Perhaps also try modifying a cell with the data sheet.

Thanks Jim,

Perhaps the database is corrupted. It is a database field that I am editing.
In a form I change data and if I quit I am not prompted.
If I do it from the data sheet I am prompted.
I made a new virgin database and a form with some junk fields and I am prompted in a form if I change data.

The Pan X database form was likely from a Pan 6 database initially but imported into Pan X.

In Pan 6 I am prompted as always. So the Apple part does its job everywhere else except this particular Pan X database. With all other softwares I use also.

I am thinking of dumping this version of Pan X and then reinstalling Pan X 10.2. I seem to recall a small “burp” when I took the latest version.

I am not in full screen mode but I do not see the red dot. I see 3 grey dots. Or I am just not seeing this “change” flag.

What really stinks is there is no warning that it was not saved. This drove me crazy for a few days.

I am on Mojave by the way. It is my last stand (upgrade of OS) that Pan 6 still works on.

I think there may be a problem with this particular form. You should not see grey dots, when the window is in front the dots should be colored. If they aren’t colored something is very wrong. I think the problem is not that you are not being prompted, but that your database isn’t actually getting modified at all. Try making a simple new form and see if that works. If it does work, then you should probably re-create the problematic form and delete the old one.

I am thinking of dumping this version of Pan X and then reinstalling Pan X 10.2.

That’s easy to do, but I very much doubt that will change anything. It really sounds like the problem is with this form.

Thanks Jim,

I will dump the form and make new one. Easy enough to do.

I will report back.