Cell fields disappear when clicked on

We recently switched over our Panorama 6 databases to PanoramaX and we’ve run into a few issues with the conversion. We’ve figured out how to fix most of the problems, but there is one issue that I cannot seem to figure out.

This GIF shows our checkbook input screen. When I click on any of the cells, the data disappears until I click on a new cell. Is this a bug or do we have a programming/form problem?

Cell Fields Disappearing

I find that the text color changes to white unexpectedly under circumstances that I do not understand.That may be what is happening.

You are using the pop-up editing option for your Text Editor objects, which is equivalent to the old Panorama 6 Data Cell feature. In Panorama X, this option cannot be used if the object is on top of a colored background (including white). The result is exactly what you show in your movie, the red cell highlight doesn’t appear because it is behind the background object, but the text turns white. Probably the easiest fix would be to turn off the pop-up editing option, either that or remove the colored background objects.

Thanks Jim! I made the colored background objects hollow, instead of solid, and that fixed it! I added a background color to the entire form under “form properties,” so that I could still keep the some of the original color scheme.