Can't get rid of secure font

I have a field for SS#s. On the form, the TEO for that field has been set to secure, but in the data sheet, the entry shows up in plain text. Today, that field in the data sheet shows up in the secure dots, (and copies in secure dots) and when I uncheck secure for the TEO, it still shows up only as dots. This has never happened before. Thoughts?
(Version .31, will update now).

This problem persists in v .32, of course. However, it only occurs in one record. Others with the same field behave normally. Also, when I re-entered the data in the problem record, it behaved normally, including showing dots in the form when set to secure, and still numbers in the data sheet. So it’s not an emergency and the DB has returned to expected behavior.
Of course I still wonder what happened…

I think what happened is that your data cell contained dots. In other words, it wasn’t displaying dots instead of the data, the data was dots. When you re-entered the data, everything was fixed.

As to how dots got into your data cell, I have no idea, but typing Option-8 would do it.