Can't activate new installation of Panorama 6.0

I’ve retired my old, unreliable iMac and bought a new one. I have installed Panorama 6.0 but I can’t activate it. I forgot to deactivate on the old one (as I’ve done often before) but that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

I get a lengthy error message which is new to me and which I’ve summarised below:

“Due to a system problem, Panorama is unable to continue the activation process. Usually , a disk that is write protected or you are not authorized to modify. … must be logged on with admin or root privileges.”

If I try to alter the privileges on my HD, I’m told that I don’t have the necessary permission. How do I get from user status to administrator status?

It’s now OK - sorry to bother.

I am a very low level Panormaa user and would like to hire someone to help me transition to X. In person would be great, Sacramento CA area. Chuck Klein,