Cannot quit Panorama 10.2

Hello friends,
I cannot quit the new Panorama 10.2. If I quit Panorama from the Panorama X pull down menu nothing happens. I am still left with the Data Entry window. I have to force quit every time.

I am currently seeing this as well with one of my projects. If I’ve been working on it during the day it will often refuse to let Panorama X quit normally. If I have had it open but not been working on it everything functions fine when quitting. I haven’t been able to track down what is triggering the problem so I have no idea what might be causing this behavior.

Thanks Gary. One thing I have noticed is that if I use the Save from the File Menu first then I am able to Quit from the Panorama Menu.

Yes, that does sometimes work but not always as far as I recall, but, I’m not positive. :confused:

It appears that it is closing the database without first saving that doesn’t work. If I try to close, I get the dialog that asks if I want to save the changes. Clicking the Save button does nothing. The Date Modified in the Finder remains unchanged, and the black dot in the red close button remains.

I have a similar problem not sure its related to yours. I click SAVE, nothing happens but if I click on a different record the save/close works. Happens occasionally.

Mine operates the exact same way. I never know that it was properly saved.