Cannot add or delete fields

Ok, this is probably a very dumb question. :wink:

I have a (former) enterprise/shared database that I “forced” to be single-user.

I’d like to modify the fields in the database, but when I go to the design sheet and try to add a field, I get a dialog that says:

“Database field structure is locked, cannot add or delete fields”

According to the “Privileges & Options” dialog, the User Level is “Author”, which should allow me to update the fields.

Any ideas what’s going on here?


– Mark

Maybe Disable Design Changes is checked? Hold down the Command key and choose About Panorama from the Panorama menu.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yeah, that’s the dialog I mentioned that indicates that I’m the “Author”.

59 PM

That checkbox is not checked.

Oh – the database must have security enabled thru the the Access Priviledges dialog in the Design Sheet. I hope you know the password!!

Heh. Nope.

Apparently, if any fields are locked, then none of the design can be modified.

Once I ran

lockfields ""

Then I can add/delete fields. :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting me onto the right direction, though … :wink: