Can we pin the Status of PanX in the forums?

H folks, I am a long time fan of Panorama but have allowed it to become dormant for my own very personal reasons (nothing at all to do with Panorama). One day I hope to return to the fold. What I would like to see here is an update as to the status of PanX for two reasons. First, PanoramaX was in a development phase for quite some time. Is it now 100% out of development, 70% … Where is PanoramaX today? It was a huge project to create Panorama X and these things always take longer than you like so no inference of criticism please, just would like to see that status pinned when I visit the from.

And second, there is a new way to license Panorama now involving subscription (last I heard). I would like to see that information as well. One question I have is, if I pay a year or two for developing my Pan solutions then I stop developing for a while, do I still need to pay the subscription fee to continue to use the database solutions that I have already developed?

I always enjoyed what I could do in Panorama. It is great to see Jim and David and the others still doing so well. This new version looks fantastic. I look forward to learning more which in my case will mean some actual schooling and systematic learning rather than nickel and dime learning by asking questions on the Q&A list. But that is another question for another topic at another time … or not. Might be good to see all the new learning resources that are now available pinned here too.

ADDED: I don’t see anyway to link back to the Provue site from this forum and I don’t see any ralvent information to the questions I have asked on the main site.

Maybe you’ll find some answers in the Online Documentation:

[quote=“KJM, post:2, topic:790”]Maybe you’ll find some answers in the Online Documentation:[/quote] Thanks for the link. Actually I get overwhelmed with too much information so that wouldn’t be very helpful (in this case). What I was suggesting is to pin the basic news that anyone new or returning to Panorama would want to see here in the forums. This is as it has been suggested in item two in the FAQ section:
2. What’s the best way to get Panorama X news? Visit the Panorama Discussion Forum. No signup is needed to read, and if you’d like to post your own questions, signup is free and painless.

I found at least part of what I am suggesting be pinned here below: It was in the FAQ which was below the video. This section is not obvious when you visit the site and there are no menus to suggest that it is there (video takes up the whole screen below the top menus) … but I found it.

Perhaps this post could be moved under the state suggestion section. I think keeping the user abreast of the development cycle as to where it is now is a very useful part of asking questions in the forum. As mentioned above, I think putting a link to both the FAQ section and possibly to your online user manual suggestion would also be very useful for users to see before posting here.

This is what I was suggesting could or should be pinned, the status of PanoramaX development.
13. When will the final version be ready? Panorama X is a huge project. It is very difficult to estimate the delivery schedule of a project of this complexity, but we are hoping for an official public release in late fall or winter 2016.
14. Can I get Panorama X now? Panorama X is not yet available to the public, but it is available by private invitation.

Questions about pricing and how PanX will function if my subscription runs out, while not answered entirely under the FAQ section are found for the most part in the following link under questions 19 - 37.

It appears that the answer to my second question can be found here and if I use Panorama and stop paying the monthly fee to use it - I can no longer use Panorama. Panorama will still allow me to export my data but I am still not clear if I can continue to use it so long as I no longer want to modify forms or procedures - just add and delete records or not?

So yes, it does seem to be a subscription based model here. Not debating this idea or making any sort of comment either for against so please, no debates here. Just trying to ask the questions I need to ask and suggesting letting other new and returning users to these forums know these answers or at least pin a link to the FAQ here.
31. Can I be locked out of my databases if I haven’t made a payment? No. ProVUE will never hold your data hostage. If a payment is due, Panorama X will politely request that you either make the payment if you are the Administrator, or contact the Administrator to make payment. If you decline, it will keep asking periodically until the payment is made. You can continue working between requests. If you no longer wish to use Panorama X this will give you an opportunity to export your data.