Can panorama work with json based web api?

I am a new user of panorama, I didn’t use its programming feature before. There are so many functions to understand, so I ask community for help.

I like to use web api to get information. There are lots of websites providing json based web api, I used to write python script to handle them. My workflow is simple, I use some inputs to make requests and get json data back to process them.

My question is: Does panorama has a nice network feature? Can I write some panorama scripts to make requests, use OAuth 2.0 to login and get json data to fill in with cells of the database. I mean, all of this will be done within panorama, I will not need to write external scripits to generate data files to feed.

Any advices or examples are welcome.

Panorama can create full-fledged JSON scripts. It can also create and run Python scripts - and others.

Regular Panorama would be limited to sending the JSON as a POST or GET action but perhaps you know of a way to do more with Python. My use of JSON is with Panorama Enterprise and has the app contacting our server which executes particular actions and provides the JSON responses.

The original poster didn’t specify the version but I know that he is interested in Panorama X, not Panorama 6. Using the url( or urltask( functions, Panorama X can perform any kind of network request, not just post and get but also put, delete, head, etc.

If you search the help for “json” you’ll find a number of functions for both creating and decoding json information.

I’m sure it’s possible to use OAuth but I have never done so. One other thing to keep in mind is that if your database contains a web browser, any cookies are shared between the web browser and the url( and urltask( function. So you can use the web browser to log on, then perform network requests as the logged in user.