Can I View File Data?

Hello Classic Group,

I am working on recovering from a crash. (And no I don’t have a backup, as my time machine crashed once, and turned to molasses the second try, and I could never get iCloud to work.)

I have all my life events on my Panorama Calendar, and need to see them so I know what I’m supposed to be doing the next several days. I copied down what I remember, but I know I’m forgetting important stuff.

Is there any way to view the data on a computer without Panorama? (my computer with Pano 6 is ‘tied up’). To export to Excel or.csv without Panorama? I do have a computer with 5.5, but I don’t think that can read Pano 6 files, can it?

All I need to do is see the lines to I can copy them to, ahem, PAPER.

– Alan in Davis

You can open the file in a text editor. Much of what you see will look like gibberish, but the text will be legible. Numbers and dates, unless they are in text fields, will not be legible.

OK, thanks. the text may be enough to remind me of the event and thus I can look up the dates on those I don’t know. Enough to keep me afloat until the humpty dumpty macbookty is back together again.

If you are at all comfortable in Terminal, you can try this:


  • The database in question has been copied to your desktop
  • The database name is “myDB” (replace this with your actual database name in the steps, below)

Try the following in Terminal
(Type each line followed by “Enter”)

cd ~/Desktop
strings myDB > myDB.txt
open myDB.txt

What this does:

  1. The first line changes directory “cd” to your desktop
  2. The next lines “slurps” (that’s the technical term. :slight_smile: ) any text it finds out of the database and puts it in a text file called “myDB.txt” [Warning: this will overwrite the file named “myDB.txt”, if it already exists!]
  3. The final line tells the system to open the text file. This will, most likely, open the text file in TextEdit and you can see lots of your data there.

As James pointed out, however, Date, Time, and Numeric data will probably not be visible unless it’s stored as text data.

It looks like the data for the database begins after a line that has just the word “DATA” on it.

Hope this helps,

– Mark

Yes, it can. The Panorama database file format did not change between Panorama 4 and 6, so versions 4, 5, 5.5 and 6.0 can all open databases created with any of those versions.

Wow . . . forward compatibility. That should allow me to see where I’m supposed to be for the next few days. Thanks!