Can I rearrange records with drag& drop

Is there any way I can rearrange records with drag and drop? Any form I can create? I use PanX to create play lists for multi-media programmes and the programme order changes as the production develops. Sure would be helpful. Responses appreciated.

This isn’t exactly what you want, but you could make a program order field (numeric) and change the numbers as your intentions change and re-sort on that field.

There are statements like moverecordup and moverecorddown that move the active record one line up or down.

In the data sheet you can use cmd-arrow-up and cmd-arrow-down for the same purpose.

You cannot rearrange record order via drag and drop.

In the Records menu, you’ll find commands to move the current record up or down one line (as mentioned by @KJM). You will also find commands to cut and paste a record, which allows for larger moves. Not quite as convenient as drag and drop would be, but that is what is available, plus using the sort feature as @billconable mentioned.

It is beyond my present programming abilities, but I think that you can do what you want to do by building a text list object from an array of your records. The array items can be dragged and dropped to reorder them within the text list object, and then when you have them sorted the way that you want them within the object, it should be possible to reorder the records in the order that they appear in the object.

I thank each of you gentlemen for your helpful responses. I am working out my best solution scenario.
I make at least 1 programme a week in this series (for the next year or more),
What I want & need is:

  1. to be able to re-order elements in a programme until a final playlist is achieved;
  2. to be able to review all the elements of all the programmes at any time to ensure there is no duplication or deliberately duplicate programme elements as required.
    I’m thinking of identifying each individual programme by programme date, or some other program ID number, then, by using “billconable’s” suggested approach, within the date or ID number I should be able to reorder as required and also list the entire database as required.
    Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I thank each of you for your time.
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What I said about text list objects also works with matrixes, so you could make a calendar where you could drag the program information around to different dates.

The only caution is that I think that you would need to be careful to save things after you have them arranged to your satisfaction. The method of saving them would have to associate the programs with the dates you have chosen.