Can I make a negative number red in a Text Display Object

In a form, I have a Net profit or loss field displayed in a TDO whose value is set in the Formula panel with this code:

?(«Nett receipts» > 0 and «Nett cost» > 0,
    pattern(«Nett receipts» - «Nett cost»,"$#,"),

I would like to have negative values (losses) displayed in red but I can’t see how to do it. I can always fall back on parentheses but red really jumps out at the viewer. is it possible?

Michael, here is a simplified example of the formula for a TDO that displays negative numbers in red. I have an integer field named “Numbers”. (I assume you have checked the Rich Text option for that Text Display object.)


Kurt beat me to the punch in suggesting Rich Text.

If the number is the only text being displayed in the text object you don’t need the closing </color> tag, so the formula can be a bit simpler:


That’s what I’d missed - thanks guys.