Can Finder Actions Trigger PanX Procedures?

I would like to have copying a file into a folder in the finder trigger a procedure in a PanX database. Is that possible? If so, I assume there would be a way for other finder actions to trigger procedures.

Panorama X isn’t scriptable, but it is possible for an AppleScript to tell it to open a specific file, and that file can have a .Initialize, so it’s probably possible, but very awkward.

There are 3rd party apps that could possibly help: e.g. Hazel is able to watch folders and then, if it finds a change, to open a certain Panorama file.

The other way would be to create a kind of watch mechanism in Panorama X itself: Panorama is able to create file lists of the contents of a folder, and it is able to check creation or modification dates.

The AppleScript approach is certainly not elegant but it works - I’ve used it in the long ago. Here are some useful sources of information, a list of possible folder actions and some examples: