Can a Text Editor object have colored text?

My Pan 6 db has a TESO with red text. It functions mostly as a display object, filled in by a procedure, but it also needs to be editable in place. On the trip to Pan X it has lost its red color, and I can’t find where in the object settings to assign it a color, and there doesn’t seem to be a rich text option. Am I missing something?

Currently there is no way to use rich text with a Text Editor object, however, that may change eventually.

In Panorama 6, a Text Editor SuperObject could be assigned a color. The text would be displayed in that color. When editing, the text would turn black, then it would turn back to the color when editing is finished. You are correct, this does not work the same in Panorama X. I have created a bug report for this.

This is probably going to be a low priority item to fix. If the color is important, I would suggest using a Text Display object, and set it up to that clicking on the object opens a dialog for editing the text. (You could perhaps even have the code temporarily create a text editor object in place, though that might be a bit tricky.)

Not sure how high my priority is, I’ve just encountered one of these situations so far. Your idea to click the object to open a dialog looks promising.

Once you get used to it, Panorama X’s ability to include code in any object to make it clickable really opens up your options.

So true! Your suggestion works very well, does just what I need.