Calculating Total using amount from previous record and new record

I decided to keep a record of Covid virus counts for our state to see how changes take place. I have column for date (daily with a new record for each new day) and then number of cases for each of three counties, along with deaths and hospitalizations. I want columns that give me increases/decreases from one day to the next. In Numbers I can write a code using, say, B3-B2 to get change from yesterday to today. So if yesterday the total new cases was 5626 and today the number is 5688, I would like the next column to give me the increased number (62). Can this be done in Panorama? I would prefer using Panorama, rather than Numbers.

In all my years of using Panorama, I have never tried doing this and searching the help files has led me to ask on the forum. Any help would be appreciated.

You could do something like

Increase = «New Cases» - lookup("","Date",Date-1,"New Cases")

The lookup is looking up the number from the previous day. Since there is no default, it will be an error if there is no record with the previous day’s date. If your date field isn’t named Date, substitute the name you are using.

In addition to Dave’s suggestion, you should also look at Running Difference.

Ah, Running Difference. I was looking at Running Total as I used that for banking statements. I don’t think I ever saw Running Difference before, but I don’t have much faith in my memory anymore. Thanks, Jim for the very quick response. And Dave, as always, your input is appreciated. I think I need new glasses, as there it is right with Running Totals on the pulldown menu. Oh boy. Thanks again, as all is working just fine.