Bug in New Generation Windows

If I try to upload a new generation while there are other active users, I get a dialog with three buttons: Try Again, Open Server Administration, and Cancel. If I choose Open Server Administration, I get a window that says Server Administration in its title bar, but the contents still show the Database options content. Here is an example:

If I Cancel that window, I see a Server Admin window, but from that point forward, the windows and their options are not working correctly. I haven’t pinned down each variation.

Going back to the first choice, if I choose Cancel on the dialog that appeared when I tried to upload a new generation, I can then open Server Administration from the PanoramaX Menu without a problem. Only the Open Server Administration button leads to a problem.

I see you are running Big Sur. I wonder if this is an issue with how Big Sur handles dialog sheets. Your screenshot is not showing the contents of the Server Administration wizard at all. Instead, the database options dialog sheet attached to your database window has detached itself from the database window and is showing on top of the Server Admin wizard. That looks like a Big Sur bug to me :frowning:

The same problem occurs on a computer running OS 10.13. Here is what the window looks like when choosing Open System Administration button when unable to upload a new generation:

Thank you for that follow up. I guess it’s good news that Big Sur dialog sheets aren’t the problem. I am leery of how they changed those, but I guess other than the changed look they seem to still work correctly. I’ve written this up so that I won’t forget.

That was a weird ass issue. Fortunately I figured out a way to write a few lines of code to duplicate the problem on command, without even having to use a shared database, much less go thru all the steps you had to go thru (I had to know what those steps were though, to figure out how to do the duplication). Once duplicated, I was able to figure out the problem – Panorama’s code for dealing with dialog sheets does NOT like it when you suddenly open another database in response to clicking on a button in the dialog. It took a bit more head scratching, but I figured out how to make it happy. So the bug count is down one. Only 285 to go! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: