Beta release b14 freezes

I and at least one other person have had several freezes of the new beta release. I have found one situation that will cause a freeze every time.
I have a form with a text list on the left and individual text editors on the right side of the form. When you click a row in the list, the data for that record fills in the text editors on the right. But in this situation, it has been previously noted, when you edit a field on the right, the text list does not automatically update. However, I have used a work around, the credit for which goes to Gary, of course. The solution is to execute code like this:

 if info("bof")

This code caused the text list to show changed values. But now, with the b14 release, Panorama freezes every time this code is run and a force quit is required. I haven’t yet checked the server log to see what is happening, but I really like failures that can reliably be reproduced.

I don’t suppose you can put together a small database you can send me that demonstrates this? There is no reason I know of why this should be any different in the b14 release.

Yes, I will send you the file.

I just emailed the file (at about 10:00 pm). The log, which I included, gives a very strong indication of what is causing the freezing.

The problem only occurs if the file is shared, and the log will make it obvious why that is so.

I shared my file with Jim. I have apparently made poor choice on setting up a form, because the code that I posted was triggered by tabbing out of a text editor on the form. This resulted in a loop of attempting to lock a record over and over, hence the freezing. Jim advises that was not a good practice and was surprised that it ever worked, even on a stand along database (but it did!). The code that I posted above for refreshing a text list works fine, but just don’t use it in a text editor. It was not clear if b14 had any role in this failure; Jim thinks it would not have worked earlier, but we had not discovered it until now.

I use that, too. Where should it be used if not in a text editor?

I can think of two possibilities. One is to have a refresh button with the text list. Another would be if you have a separate window where a record is edited, then a close button that includes the refresh code.