Batch adding .pan extension

Is there a utility that would add the “.pan” extension to all my Panorama 6 files. I can’t use them until I add the .pan. I would like to change them all without having to manually change each one.

I made one using Automator. It was quick and easy.

Use the platform converter to change from Mac to Windows. You can do it one folder at a time. All the converter is doing is adding the extension.

The Platform Converter wizard is under Wizards > Utilities > Platform Converter.

But, if you want to retain your original Pan6 files, make copies for the .pan conversion.

If they all have the .pan extension, they will work together just like they did when they all didn’t have it. You could also convert them back, once they have been opened and saved by Pan X.

Of course you always want to have backups regardless.