Background Color anomaly

I use the Form Properties pane to set the background color of a form. Usually, once the color is set, I then click on some other object to work on it, and BLAMO, my background becomes blue! This also happens if you just click anywhere in the background.

This depends on the focus ring of the Bknd Color: box being on. Alternately clicking the Bknd Color: box will switch the focus ring on and off, but the color picker will still change the background color regardless of the focus state. If the focus ring is off, you can click on anything in the form and there is no problem. But if it is on, you get the blue background (at least on my system, Your Color May Vary).

I cannot duplicate this problem based on your description of the steps. It’s possible I am not understanding the steps you are describing.

Ok, I just made a new database, then a new form. Then click the Bknd Color: box in the Form Properties pane. The color picker opens up, so click a color, say green, and the form background becomes that color.

Then, click anywhere in the form, and the color changes to bright blue.

This happens with any color picker style, but if I use the color wheel, I notice the Color Wheel cursor (circle with a cross) jumps to the blue section when I click in the form, or on any object in the form.

Next, click once on the Bknd Color: box, and notice that its “focus ring” turns off. Then click in the Color Picker to choose a new color (besides blue), then click in the form, and the form background color stays set to what you picked.

It’s not a show-stopper, but since we often might continue to edit a form object (by clicking it) immediately after choosing a new background color, it can be inconvenient :face_with_diagonal_mouth:. I got the “bright blue surprise” a few times, until I figured out how to replicate the problem. I now try to remember to re-click the box, or change to any other pane, which also stops it from happening. Also, if you close the color picker window after choosing a color, there is no problem.

I can vouch for the fact that this happens but you’ve pinned down the circumstances much better than I had. It helped me get more details though.

I can open the color picker and set a background color. If I click on another graphic object without closing the color picker first, the color changes to some other value. I can reset it over and over but clicking on another object always reverts to that same unwanted color.

Ok, got it.