B9 Items Missing in the File Menu

There are some important items missing in the File menu, as long as there are no databases open:

I am missing the Find & Open … as well as the Open Favourites … item.

This is what I get on OS 10.13.6

I am on macOS 10.15.6; Panorama X 10.1 shows all menu items, in the 10.2 beta version the items are missing.

The image I posted was from Panorama X 10.2 b9.

Did you have a database open before?

The menu items are missing when I start the Panorama X application only — without opening any database.

As soon as I open a database (e.g. the Pan X Help), the menu appears with all its items, and it remains complete, when I close that database.

No database. I simply launched the application from the dock, and clicked on the File menu.

I just tried to duplicate my previous results, and this time I got this.

I get the same results after a restart of the computer. The first one was my first launch after installing the b9 beta.

Here is what I see in b9 when you first start it up without loading a file:


Notice the menu bar is the same as when you first start version 10.1.2 but that version automatically changes the menu bar back to the standard one once Panorama fully loads. PanoramaX 10.2 b9 does not change to the standard menu automatically and will display the truncated File menu if immediately clicked. Once clicked it then changes to the standard menus:


Someone recently reported this with the b7 release, I thought it was you (@KJM) but I can’t find the source here on the forum, perhaps it was an email. This problem is logged in the issue tracker.