B19 form & memory issues

Since upgrading to b19 I have had forms not displaying properly. Forms with many buttons don’t show the buttons. This form:

should look like:

I don’t know if its a problem of Panorama, or my computer, because I am also repeatedly receiving this message about memory:

I have never seen this message prior to this latest update - and I don’t seem to have that many programmes open compared to other times…
I close and re-open the window, and it doesn’t fix the appearance. I need to quit and restart for it to work properly.

I have run across the out-of-memory message before. I added more memory and they stopped, but it may have also been from video memory, according to what I have read. Also, it may have been an Apple bug that was resolved by later OS versions.

37.21 GB is not a reasonable amount of RAM for Panorama X. IMHO this looks like a memory leak. I have had some of them caused by infinite loops in my procedures, but Panorama X now has a protecting timeout for procedures in its preferences; so infinite loops should not be responsible for eating up memory any more.

I was getting the out-of-application-memory alert quite a lot back in mid-June of this year; haven’t seen it recently and there have been a couple of system updates since then. Of course there have been Panorama updates as well, but in my limited experience the phenomenon wasn’t limited to PanX, and there were reports of it in other applications as well, so I’d guess that a fix came with one of the system updates. Of course if you’re up-to-date on your system as well as PanX, this note is irrelevant and I’ve just been lucky.

I don’t have any insight about the buttons.

Bill Conable

B19 has some problems displaying objects on a form. I am sure Jim is working on this. There was a bug report earlier stating that the display problem is related to a popup object, but I have forms without any popup ojbects that will not update property. I have discovered that an object that does not update or display properly can be made to work by going into design mode and bringing the object to the forefront with the Objects> Arrange> Bring to Front menu.

Other than the very specific Text Editor bug with pop-up editing, there are no other form bugs that I am working on. There were no changes in b19 that should have impacted visibility of form objects or updating of form objects, that was not an area that was worked on.

@Mdunlop, if you want to send in your database, I can see if the same problem occurs here. If so, then debugging can commence. Same goes for @panaca if you can submit a database that demonstrates this update problem. There is no reason why bringing an object to the front should be necessary to make it update, and no one else has reported that nor have I seen it myself. (Of course if an object is covered by another opaque object, you won’t see it update, but I assume that is not what you are saying.)

I’ve sent through my databases Jim.
I’ve just lost the buttons from my form. This is the memory report - does it shed any light on the situation? (I’ve got the concept that it runs out of memory and can’t display the buttons - but I’m probably way off track…)

and after it crashed:

Thanks for sending in your database – I was able to duplicate the problem, and it does appear to be caused by a change in b19. I think the reason no one else saw it was because you are doing an unusual thing – to switch from form to form you have code that closes and then immediately re-opens either the same form or another, like this:

openform "Some Form"

I would suggest that you replace this code with:

goform "Some Form"

It looks like you have done this in dozens of places, so this change may take you an hour or so, but I think it will be well worth it, it will be much faster and smoother, and I think it will also solve your problem immediately without having to wait for b20.

Thanks. I guess that’s the problem you get when you write a programme that’s so userfriendly that non computer programmers write programmes! I started doing that because I felt I was having problems with millions of forms open everywhere. I can’t remember what the problem was, or when that happened - but I’ve set to work changing them all and will see how it goes…

I’m not sure whether this should be a new post, or a continuation - but its the same databases and same forms misbehaving shortly after I fixed my buttons coding (but I can’t see how that’s relevant) so I’ll try a continuation.
The forms in my main (all animals) database suddenly stopped performing as expected. They are not displaying most of the information, from fields that have not been changed as far as I am aware:

I thought maybe I had accidentally changed something, so being lazy, went back to a recent backup, imported the current data - and voila! back to normal. Then I pressed the link to my other (active animal) database, that had been looking normal - and suddenly it was not displaying fields. I closed the computer and went to bed! On opening it all, after restart just in case, this morning - I’m back to the original situation with the ‘all animals’ data not displaying (this is the ‘fixed’ database of last night) and the ‘active animal’ database displaying normally. I have no idea where to begin, but will struggle to use the database if I can’t fix it??!

Hello Jim, I have sent you a file with a form display problems via email. The problems seem to have occurred with the b19 release, but that may be coincidental. Much thanks for taking a look.